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Meet Vape Evolution

Community focused vape shop, Vape Evolution, is dedicated to inspire, educate, and problem-solve for all customers. Located in Washington state and run by fellow vapers, Vape Evolution embraces the vaping community and strives to provide not only the latest in juices, but the right fit for every vapers need. Switching to new ownership in 2014, previous manager partnered up with new owner Wade, and the duo began putting their ideas in motion.

A heavy smoker at a young age, Wade explains his transition to vaping starting with e-pens that weren’t quite doing the trick. Once he bought a Sigelei, he was able to make the final transition, and still carries the brand as his daily vape today. Now, the shop owner keeps his build simple with a dual 6-7 wraps of 22-24g around a 2.5mm bit, double fisting his Sigelei 150 with an atty and Asmodus Helve with a tank.

doobie-snacks blue-elixir

While there’s always a new juice to try, Vape Evolution favorites include “Doobie Snacks” coming out of the new line Mewes Juice created by Jay Mewes, and fruity mix “Soho” by Blue Label.

Vape Evolution stays connected with the vapers via social media and networking. Taking part in local vape groups as well as partner companies, Vape Evolution makes sure to keep in touch to stay on top of the latest trends, products, and legislation within our community. Wade explains, everyone has a similar story about vaping, and you bond with them that way.

Vape Evolution owner Wade has some words of wisdom to share with first time vapers:

“Budding cloud chasers, while online shopping can be overwhelming, don’t let it deter you. It’s important to find a vape shop you like and trust, and you will.”

If you’re in the area, stop by Vape Evolution at 304 N Main St Ellensburg WA


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